A Fashionable New Year

At the beginning of the New Year, the climate in London was unseasonably mild, throwing fashion expectations in disarray. Indeed, the “mountain wrap was rendered too warm, and the Venetian cloak to be preferred.” — La Belle Assemblee, January, 1825.

When the weather permits, walking is preferred. Cloaks can be awkward, because the armholes catch a chill breeze so that they are “quite exploded.” Pelisses are more comfortable, but are thick and heavy, generally lined with fur, particularly at the bottom of the skirt to keep out drafts, “in the German fashion.” New pelisses feature a lighter fabric–made of Gros de Naples, a stout and yet finely woven silk–heavy enough for a windbreak, yet holding a luxurious feel.

Happy New Year!


“Pelisse of gros de Naples, of a tourterelle colour.”

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