Regency Wedding Dress

I shall leave you to judge the nuptial gown the new princess wore.  Some puckering around the bodice?  Possibly–a perfectly sculpted bodice is difficult to execute.

Forget I said that.  The gown was simply gorgeous!

And mostly due to a tiny motif created by a process nearly as old as the Regency: the Carrickmacross lace.  Even Princess Diana’s dress featured this lovely technique of handmade lace pictured here and executed for the new princess at Hampton Court Royal School of Needlework.

Princess Charlotte’s dress featured a tiny motif just as memorable–the bellflowers and shells decorating the edge of the heiress’ bodice and sleeves.  The following web sites do great justice to the intricacy and beauty of her dress for the reasons mentioned: bell flowers, silver lame’, and scalloped shells.

All of which are displayed in the Royal Collection housed in the Museum of London.  This museum used to be housed in Lancaster House, which was once York House that is part of the complex bordering St. James Park.  An interior is shown below:

The Grand staircase of Stafford House (Lancaster House): 19th century

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