People’s Magazine of the Regency

Vivien felt a little gauche when she spied Diana thumbing through an issue of La Belle Assemblee’ in my debut Regency novel Notorious Vow.  This popular magazine from the Regency period contained a plate featuring the viscountess wearing a striking Turkish cape.  Diana had beautiful titian-colored hair, and so the deep red color of this cape merely accented her well-known feature.

You can find this reproduction in an excellent source on the following website that documents unusual (read—exclusive) Regency fashion:

I owe so much to Georgette Heyer’s unrivalled exposition on everything that encompassed Regency culture.  In particular, the following passage from her Cotillion does great justice to the wardrobe of someone like Diana who devotes considerable resources to assembling one of the ton’s most varied wardrobes:  Freddy Standen’s sister Meg, Lady Buckhaven.  Her dresser is quite determined that her ladyship’s young friend from the country take some of her mistress’ ill-chosen articles of clothing, which do not compliment her blond beauty:

“When Miss Charing shrank from accepting an opulent evening cloak of cherry-red velvet, ruched and braided, and lined with satin, she contrived to draw her a little aside, and to whisper in her ear:  ‘Take it, miss!  My lady—-Lady Legerwood, I mean!—will be so very much obliged to you!  Miss Margaret—Lady Buckhaven, I should say! — should never wear cherry!”

If Cotillion does not positively make you scream in delight, you have my leave to remonstrate with me in the comments below.  But I warn you!  I am devoted to Ms. Heyer and her work.

2 thoughts on “People’s Magazine of the Regency

  1. I love the muff in the picture……reminds me of gr grandmother’s lamb muff.
    I went to the website cited in the article and noted that “pelisse” is a wrap.
    Interesting in that today “pelisse” is a very light fabric for summer clothing.
    Enjoyed the Regency information on clothing.


    • Thank you for your comment! I love the muff, too. Once I was rummaging through an old box in a bedroom of an elderly relative who had passed away. I almost fainted when I saw two eyes and sharp claws. A fur wrap from the Edwardian period! There are several just like it that the women wear before attending an outdoor tea in the movie “Gosford Park.”


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