Improper Vow

“”Miss Montgomery, I’ll wager, won’t be so easily pawned off like the last one.”

“The last one?”

“Yes.  The one you made your mistress.”

The proper Miss Vivien Montgomery, daughter of a scandalous marriage, has made friends with the earl of Northam’s heiress, in spite of his disapproval.  Mistaking Vivien for an adventuress, Lord Northam tries to sever the connection by proposing an improper one of his own.  Upon realizing his mistake, his lordship finds he is beguiled by Miss Montgomery, even when he discovers his stolen colt is now in her stable. Together, they must remove all deception between them if they are to satisfy an old vow and make a new one together.

An excerpt of my debut Regency novel—as yet unpublished.

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